Are There Age Limits For Use With The Vibration Platform?

are there any age limits to using a vibration platform?

Are There Age Limits for Using Vibration Platforms?

Exercises come with a ton of benefits, and everyone should do it regularly. With that said, not all exercises are suitable for everyone. People of certain age groups better avoid some types of exercises for their own safety. For example, weight lifting is a great workout for adults, but it is not very suitable for young teens and kids.

In this article, we’ll be discussing one such workout device, which is the vibration platform, and see if it is a suitable workout routine for people of all ages.


What is a Vibration Platform?

A vibration platform is a powerful machine that sends vibration all throughout your body for better muscle stimulation. It is a great device for muscle building, weight loss, and therapy.

Some of the other benefits of vibration plates include improved blood circulation, flexibility, increased strength, and many more. It also proves to be a great option for a fast warm-up before an intense workout. Vibration platforms also reduce the pain that comes with heavy workouts and chronic conditions.

With proper care and supervision, a vibration platform can be a great work out machine for people of almost all ages.

Can Kids Use Vibration Platform?

Vibration Platform does not have any specific range of motion. The only thing a person has to do is sit, stand, or position themselves like they’re about to do some push-ups. Besides, there are no height and weight limits. So, all these make a vibration platform completely safe for people of almost every age group.

Children can easily use the vibration platform, just like adults use it. But with all workout equipment and modern technology, children of certain age groups require some sort of supervision when using a vibration plate.

According to experts, children that are at least ten years and older can use a vibration plate as long as there is adult supervision. The children should always be supervised until they reach the age of 16. However, children below 10 are not suitable since their bones and muscle tissues are still very fragile.

When it comes to work out intensity, it usually varies upon the individuals if they are adults. But for children aged between 10 and 16, experts recommend using the β€œlow” setting. You can increase the workout intensity for children only if the doctor or trainer recommends it. If in case the current β€œlow” setting is not benefiting your child, consider increasing the frequency of the exercise. For example, if your child was performing ten reps before, you can increase it to 15 reps. And if the frequency was five days a week, make it six days a week. But avoid increasing the intensity level at all costs.

Advantages of vibration platforms on children

The use of vibration platform has numerous benefits for children, and there are many pieces of research that back this. According to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research in 2004, vibration therapy can help children with bone conditions by promoting bone repair and growth. It can also help children that suffer from low bone mass. Bone conditions need fast treatment, and vibration therapy can be of great help. If untreated, such conditions can lead to arthritis and osteoporosis.

Besides that, vibration therapy can also help children that have other kinds of conditions. Experts say that vibration therapy can help improve bad posture and coordination. This is because using vibration platforms will force the body to adapt a posture that helps them stay on the machine and maintain a good balance.

Vibration platforms can also help children in ways that it helps adults as well. For example, vibration therapy helps both adults and children recover from sport-related injuries, neck and back pain, and may even eliminate excess cellulite, but on this matter it is still needed more research to consider vibration therapy effective on eliminating cellulite.

Risks in Older People

The benefits of using a vibration platform for children and adults are also applicable to older people. However, vibration therapy can have some risks in older people.

The hazard arises because of the negative impacts that factory workers experience when exposed to vibration. It increases the risk of developing back pain in drivers of heavy vehicles with high vibration. Vibration is also an industrial hazard in many countries around the world, and such industries have legal limits on exposure to vibration.

With older people being more fragile and weak, vibration therapy can adversely affect them.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the common risks that can affect older people:

  • Lower Back Pain: Vibration therapy has the potential to damage the discs and ligaments when the intensity is too high. In such a case, older people, in particular, will suffer lower back pain accompanied by several other conditions.
  • Motion Sickness: Older people are generally more prone to motion sickness when they use vibration platform. This is because they are usually not used to intense and sudden movement.
  • Damaged Reproductive organs: The risk of damaging the reproductive organs in vibration therapy is a high risk not just for the older citizens but also for the population in general.
  • Heart Conditions: Older people are more likely to have some sort of heart condition, and based on previous researches, vibration therapy can be risky for people that have heart conditions.
  • Vision Impairment: In extreme and rare cases, vibration therapy can also lead to loss of eyesight in older people.
  • Bone Damage: If the bones are way too fragile, then vibration therapy can possibly lead to bone damage.


There’s no doubt that the use of a vibration platform comes with some kind of risks depending on the age demographic. However, the risks are very rare, and they can easily be prevented with proper adult supervision and care. In this case, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks, and if you want to try vibration therapy, then you should go for it. But before you sign up for vibration therapy, try to consult your doctor, especially if you have some underlying conditions. Only when you get the thumbs up should you adopt vibration therapy.

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